The EMP Century Scholarship Fund has a $100K goal and will fund one 10K scholarship a year for 10 years to benefit a full time Kellogg MBA student. All gifts and multi-year pledge commitments made between September 1, 2015 - August 31, 2016 count toward the EMP Century Fund goal.

Kellogg Leadership Circle

With a gift of $1,000 or more annually, you will be recognized as a member of the Kellogg Leadership Circle. The greater your investment, the more opportunity you will have to be informed about and engage with Kellogg.

Check to see if your company matches gifts. Your matched $500 gift will recognize you as a member of the Kellogg Leadership Circle.


Recurring Giving

To make a recurring gift: Populate the “Total Gift Amount/Commitment” field with the total amount that you would like to commit.  Check the box labeled “I would like to make this a recurring gift,” which authorizes Northwestern to charge your credit card in installments.  A menu will appear where you can choose your frequency options.  Please use the table below to determine your preferred frequency.

Total 5-Year Commitment Annually Monthly
$200 $40.00 Not eligible
$500 $100.00 Not eligible
$1,000 $200.00 $16.67
$2,500 $500.00 $41.67 
$5,000 $1,000.00  $83.33
Total 2-Year Commitment

$200 $100.00 Not eligible
$500 $250.00 $20.83
$1,000 $500.00 $41.67
$2,500 $1,250.00 $104.17 
$5,000 $2,500.00 $208.33