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How to Connect with a Network of Mentors to Thrive Personally and Professionally

People who have a network of mentors make more money, get more promotions, and are better able to navigate through life’s challenges and defining moments than those without mentors. In this webinar, you will learn how to connect with a network of different types of mentors using three essential steps.

Attendees will leave the webinar with a solid understanding of:

  • How mentoring benefits them both personally and professionally
  • How to develop a lineage of mentors and protégés, which is important at every stage of your career
  • Specific strategies for developing an action plan to connect with mentors will be shared that attendees can implement right away.

Details About the Webinar

Cost: $5

All you will need is your computer, a strong internet connection and the speakers on!

Link to join the webinar will be in the confirmation email following registration. View the recording as often as you'd like.

About the Speaker

Ellen Ensher

Ellen A. Ensher, Ph.D is a Professor of Management at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California and is the co-author of Power Mentoring: How Mentors and Protégés Get the Most out of Their Relationships. Dr. Ensher has published over 40 articles/book chapters and consulted to a number of
of organizations both domestically and abroad such as Kraft Foods, Legg Mason, Notre Dame University, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and United States Navy, Ellen has been quoted on the topic of mentoring and careers in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. She has appeared as a guest on several radio and TV shows in Chicago, New York, and San Diego.

Please visit www.ellenensher.com for mentoring resources and to subscribe to her blog: Discussions on Media, Management, and Mentoring at www.ellenensher.com/blog. You can also reach Ellen Ensher at eensher@lmu.edu or follow her on Twitter @ProfEllen.




Webinar Archive: How to Connect with a Network of Mentors

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